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Lucky Craft Kelly J e Kelly J Jr. Siamo subito chiari su un punto: non esiste nessun propeller che ricorda il pesce foraggio come il Kelly J. Lucky Craft ha creato questa esca sotto l’impulso di Kelly Jordon, che le ha dato il nome. Imita perfettamente un ciprinide (bream) che si muove in superficie, fornendo una presenza visiva in acqua, unita ad una rumorosità e compattezza non riscontrabili in altri topwater e che il black bass non può non notare.. Produce un rumore acuto, irreGolare, ad un leggero wobbling che risulta fatale. Dotato di ancorette affilate chimicamente livello top performance VMC. Made in Japan

With the help of Lucky Craft pro staff member Kelly Jordon, Lucky Craft has designed a new topwater lure – the Kelly J. Bream imitation topwaters have been the latest trend in bass fishing, and Lucky Craft has the new secret weapon. During the post spawn, bass feed heavily on shallow-water baitfish. Even into the summer months, as long as the baitfish are in shallow water, big female bass will stay around to eat them.
With its deep profile, the Kelly J realistically resembles a baitfish, and according to Jordon, it’s like throwing live bait. With a prop on the front and one on the back, the Kelly J makes a flicking noise as if it were an aggravating baitfish, and the bass can’t resist.

Développé en étroite collaboration avec Kelly Jordon, membre du team, Lucky Craft est fier de vous présenter un nouveau leurre de surface – le Kelly J. Les leurres de surface qui imitent une petite brème sont actuellement très à la mode pour la pêche du black-bass. Il s’agit donc d’une nouvelle arme secrète pour les pêcheurs. Pendant la période qui précède la fraie, les black-bass s’alimentent beaucoup de petits poissons qu’ils chassent dans les zones peu profondes. Même en plein été, lorsque les poissons blancs se concentrent dans les zones peu profondes, les grosses femelles se tiennent sur ces zones qui sont de véritables garde-manger. Avec son apparence très élancé, le Kelly J ressemble à s’y méprendre à un vrai poisson. Grace à un appui vertical situé sur l’avant et un second placé sur le dos du leurre, le Kelly J fera un petit bruit, notamment en faisant une petite tirée. Les black-bass ne pourront pas résister.

Kelly Jordon’s idea for the a new Lucky Craft topwater goes back to childhood, when he used to fish with a Bagley Small Fry, which imitated baitfish such as shad, bream or Baby Bass. “There have been a lot of topwater lures that have come along and resembled specific baitfish,” Jordon said. “I wanted to work with Lucky Craft to create a new, realistic topwater like that, but with some key differences.” The Kelly J has unique characteristics such as its deep profile and props on both the front and back. When fished with short jerks, the props work together to throw water. When simply reeled in, it works much like a buzz bait, according to Jordon. “With the deep profile and the way the bait sits in the water, it really resembles the profile of any small baitfish, especially bream,” Jordon said. “It will throw water and make a lot of commotion on the top without having to move it very far.” According to the Texas resident, there are several ways to work this topwater bait, but the best is to throw it out, let it pause and give it a couple quick twitches to make sure the props turn and throw water. The goal isn’t to move the bait far – maybe 6 to 12 inches at a time. Jordon throws the Kelly J on a medium-action rod, but a longer rod can be used if a long cast is needed. Also, adjust to a shorter rod when around tight overhangs and limbs.— Kelly Jordon

  • Length: 2-3/4″ (70mm)
  • Weight: 1/2oz (13.2g)
  • Depth: Surface
  • Type: FLOATING
  • Hook Size: VMC #6, #6


Peso 30 g
Peso Netto

14 gr

Colore artificiale

Flake Male Gill, Ms American Shad, Ms Black


Aspio, Black Bass, Serra, Spigola


Top Water

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Lunghezza artificiale

7 cm

Azione artificiale

Popper, WTD


ImagePrezzoDescriptionColore artificialeLunghezza artificialeDisponibilitàQuantityAggiungi
Peso: 14 grAzione: FloatingAffondabilità: Top Water
Colore artificiale: Flake Male Gill
Lunghezza artificiale: 7 cm
2 disponibili
Peso: 14 grAzione: FloatingAffondabilità: Top Water
Colore artificiale: Ms Black
Lunghezza artificiale: 7 cm
2 disponibili
Peso: 14 grAzione: FloatingAffondabilità: Top Water
Colore artificiale: Ms American Shad
Lunghezza artificiale: 7 cm
2 disponibili
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